Volunteer During Disasters

Within 60 minutes of a major disaster striking any community within Region 5/6  (Burt , Dodge & Washington Counties), all Fire, Rescue and Law Enforcement resources will be exhausted!

With State or Federal assistance hours, days, a week away, it’s going to be up to us to take care of each other. Neighbors helping neighbors is what we do here in Nebraska. Disasters can take many forms. We are familiar with severe weather (tornados, floods), but what about a major train accident with hazardous materials or a radiological release at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station. And now we are threatened with terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). To respond to these new technological disasters we are going to need volunteers.

What tasks will these volunteers be needed for? In emergency centers we will need traffic & direction control, receptionists, information takers, supply clerks, kitchen help, janitors, maintenance, communication, note-takers, messengers, security, medical, counselors, day-care, TV/VCR operators, hall monitors, drivers and much more!

Please consider registering as a Region 5/6 Disaster Volunteer. United we stand. Prepared we can face any disaster.

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The above form will email to us, or feel free to print this form and mail it in or fax to: 

Region 5-6  Office of Emergency Management
435 North Park Avenue, Suite 404
Fremont, Nebraska 68025

(402) 727-2785                         (402) 727-2840 (fax)


Region 5-6 Office of Emergency Management