RERP – Taking Shelter

Taking Shelter
In-house shelter may be recommended during a nuclear power station accident. In-house shelter means going indoors and remaining indoors until the emergency is over. Such action will reduce an individual’s exposure to radiation resulting from a radioactive release of short duration.

When instructed by local and state emergency officials to take shelter:

  • If you have livestock, put them under cover and provide them with stored feed and water.
  • Go indoors and close all windows and doors. Turn off fans and heating and air conditioning that require outside air, and close any other air intakes.|
  • Do not use your telephone unless it is absolutely necessary. Keep phone lines open for emergency communication.
  • Cover all open food containers. The food, water and milk supplies in your home are safe for consumption.
  • Do not eat any produce from a vegetable garden until you are advised. In the event of a radioactive release, the produce may become contaminated.
  • Remain indoors until officially notified that the emergency is over.
  • Remember to stay tuned to KFAB 1110 AM radio.

Region 5-6 Office of Emergency Management