RERP – Evacuation, Reception & Care Information

Evacuation, Reception & Care Information

Where To Go
There are two Reception and Care (R&C) facilities available for persons evacuating Washington County:

  • Fremont Middle School, Hwy 275 & Military (30 miles from Fort Calhoun)

  • First Baptist Church in Bellevue (53 miles from Fort Calhoun)

NOTE: Blair & Fort Calhoun Public Schools may evacuate earlier then the general public. Fremont Middle School will be used for all school children, care facility clients, and any persons with special needs.

Washington County Sheriff and Blair Police have predetermined locations along evacuation routes. Evacuees will be directed out of the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone.

If an evacuation is recommended, drive to the R&C announced over KFAB 1110 AM radio. Listen for any route changes as you drive. Adhere to the speed limits on the highways.

What To Do
Evacuation normally would be ordered only if large amounts of radioactive materials are expected to escape over a long period of time. Such action would most likely be ordered as a precaution. In the unlikely event that an emergency evacuation is required, special instructions will be given on KFAB 1110 AM radio.

If an evacuation is ordered, remain calm. There is adequate time for an orderly response. You are far more likely to be hurt acting in unnecessary haste than you are by radiation.

Evacuation Checklist

  1. Take clothing, toilet articles, necessary medications, important papers and valuables (money, credit cards, jewelry, etc.). You may also have use for other supplies such as sleeping bags, a portable radio, flashlight and batteries.
  2. Keep phone lines open for emergency use.
  3. Before leaving your home, shut off water, gas, lights and appliances.
  4. Shelter pets and livestock, providing them with food and water where possible. Inform Red Cross personnel at the R&C that pets or livestock are at your residence.
  5. Assist friends and neighbors without transportation. If you do not have your own transportation, make plans to ride with a neighbor. If you do not have transportation, let Region 5/6 Emergency Manager know so you can be directed to an assembly area.
  6. If evacuating, keep car windows and vents closed and air conditioners turned off.
    Information for the Elderly or Disabled

If you have a special need for emergency notification, or if elderly or disabled persons require special care, special transportation or another form of assistance, contact Region 5/6 Emergency Management to pre-register so that arrangements can be made in advance. Or use the self-registration cards mailed annually to each address within the EPZ.

Region 5-6 Office of Emergency Management