RERP – Emergency Information


Emergency Information
If an emergency occurs at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station (FCNPS), OPPD will immediately notify Washington County 911 over a special direct line. Region 5/6 and local officials will promptly implement our radiological emergency response plan. State and Federal officials will also be notified.

There are 101 dedicated emergency sirens within a ten mile radius of FCNPS. These are used to alert the public to tune to KFAB 1110 AM for further detailed information. If sirens do not work, law enforcement vehicles will be dispatched to the effected areas to provide public warnings.

Nuclear power electricity has been generated in the United States for over 35 years. During this time no public persons have been seriously injured as a result of the commercial generation of nuclear power.

While the potential for an incident is very small, OPPD, Washington County and Region 5/6 continue to comply with all Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations in preparing the public for nuclear emergencies.

Region 5-6 Office of Emergency Management