RERP – 10-Mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ)



10-Mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ)

The NRC designates a 10 mile radius around the FCNPS as the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). Most of the EPZ is within Washington County while other parts include Douglas County and Iowa.

If an incident were to occur at FCNPS, it is likely that only part of the EPZ would be affected. To help alert the public and manage the response, the EPZ is divided into “Sub-Areas”. These sub areas are identifiable by geographic boundaries.

All mailing addresses within the EPZ are mailed an emergency action folder annually. If you have any problem determining which sub-area you live in contact Region 5/6 EM at 402-727-2785

EPZ Zone Map

Fort Calhoun EPZ
Fort Calhoun EPZ

Region 5-6 Office of Emergency Management