Radiological Emergency Response Preparedness

RERP_bannernuclear-waste-signOPPD’s Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station is safe and efficient, producing more than 30 percent of the company’s electric power requirements. Although it is highly unlikely that a nuclear emergency should occur, basic information on how to respond during an emergency is provided in this section.Nuclear reactors cannot explode like a nuclear bomb; they use different materials and structures. Nuclear power plants are designed to prevent the release of radioactive materials and include multiple protective barriers placed around reactors, making the accidental release of radiological materials extremely unlikely. However, when developing emergency response plans, it is still important for businesses to address such events.Annually , Region 5/6 Emergency Management and Washington County responders review and practice our preparedness for off-site safety of the Fort Calhoun facility. Contact Bill Pook at Region 5/6, 402-727-2785 if you have any questions.

Emergency Information

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